Charlotte Ward

Charlotte Ward

Charlotte Ward

2022 World Championships First Leg GB Sprint Relay Silver Medal Team - Kolding, Denmark

2022 World Games Final Leg GB Sprint Relay Bronze Medal Team - Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Full IOF Broadcast of the Sprint Relay in Birmingham Alabama.

Charlotte won gold with the GB sprint relay team at the World University Champs in 2016. She was British Sprint Champion 2015 and 2016.

In 2016 Charlotte ran first leg for the GB team who were 4th in the World Champs Sprint Relay. May 2022 Charlotte was 9th in the World Cup Sprint Race in Borås, Sweden, and first leg for the Relay Team who were fourth nation.

She has a Yorkshire Vest for Cross-Country.

She ran the London Marathon 2023 in 2:44:36.

<< My undergraduate degree (2011-2015) was a four-year MMath course titled "Mathematics with Study Abroad"; I spent my third year in Canada at McMaster University.

My PhD project investigated modelling the effects of climate change on infectious diseases in Arctic wildlife populations.>>

charlotte-ward-may22_RLCharlotte Ward, World Cup Relay May 2022 photo: Rob Lines

Orienteering, and sprint orienteering specifically, provides me with the most motivation to train during the year. I enjoy the challenge of needing to find the best and fastest routes in a sprint course and it is always interesting to compare routes with other competitors on completion of a race. The orienteering community is an extremely welcoming one; on a local level to an International stage. Orienteers are always interested in learning from one another and sharing skills to improve performance, and it is this willingness to share knowledge that helps to keep motivation levels high; there is always something new to learn.

In my spare time I am a keen baker and thoroughly enjoy trying to create new recipes and explore different flavours. I also enjoy cross-stitching and making small gifts for family and friends.

My club is Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers.

My Instagram.

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