Will Gardner

Will Gardner

Will Gardner

I grew up in a small village just outside Northampton and began orienteering on family holidays at multi-day orienteering events such as the Scottish 6 Days. Though I did venture into other sports – most notably swimming – I have always continued to orienteer, and have steadily progressed through the West Midlands Regional Squad and the British Junior Squads, as a member of Octavian Droobers (OD), who I continue to race for today.

will3Will Gardner, World Cup Round 1 2022 in Sweden, by Rob Lines.

I left Northampton to go to the University of Sheffield University to study History. The move to Sheffield allowed me to begin training amongst a very talented group of orienteers and helped me to take a massive leap forward in my orienteering progression. I continued my studies with a Masters in History in 2015, graduating in 2017, moving into a job in marketing.

In the winter of 2017 I moved to Melbourne for 6 months to work as a coach for Victoria, and train for the 2018 season.

I train for both sprint and middle distance, as I love the variation between both disciplines and the unique technical challenge which each provides. I love the feeling of navigating right on the physical limit, making decisions under pressure which can either make or break a race. The chance to get to explore new countries and cultures is an added bonus.

British Long Champion 2024 (Mulgrave Woods).

JK Sprint Champion 2023 (Lancaster University)

British Middle Champion 2022 (Rushmere Woods).

JK Sprint Champion 2019 (Aldershot Garrison). Won the JK Long course 2022 and second in the overall competition. Won the JK relay with Octavian Droobers.

British Champion M20 at High Dam 2013.

Clubs: Octavian Droobers (West Midlands OA) and IFK Lidingö (Sweden).

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