cakestall Photo: by Brian Ward

Thankyou to the generous orienteers who donated and supported the cakestall run by Charlotte Ward at the "Sea, Sand and Spires Weekend" put on by her club HALO (Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers.)

It was mass-start Sprint Races in Cleethorpes, a Middle Distance Urban in Louth, and a spectacular indoor steel maze in Louth Cattle Market - do checkout the map!

Louth Maze Map

Louth Maze Race Photos

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Story (and great photo) on Jukola website about two British runners who were first back from leg 1

endleg1 Photo: Screen grab from the international TV broadcast of Kris and Ralph running together to the map exchange.

See the race develop in one of the most technical forests, even by Finnish standards - Leg 1 GPS

In an interesting postscript, and emphasising Kris's summary of his running in his recent interview "no two races are the same", Kris won a 5K track race the following weekend.

UPDATE 26th 4:30pm - race video at

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kris Photo: On The Red Line

No two races are the same

Kris Jones interview in Fast Running magazine.

Kris is selected for the GB team for the forthcoming World Championships. His events in Latvia are the individual sprint, the sprint relay, and the forest relay.

He won a bronze medal at the recent European Championships.

Athlete profile - Kris Jones.


(Update 7am Saturday 16th - list updated, apologies to anyone we have missed, you can let us know at @OnTheRedLineO on Twitter.)

We can perhaps usefully summarise British runners in Venla and Jukola.

There are ten British teams in Venla, and eleven in Jukola. You can find their runners in the full Venla/Jukola startlists.

Many of the stronger British or British-based runners taking part are running for Scandinavian clubs, some probably near the sharp end of the races - see below for list.

Tons of thought and hours of practice goes into who runs which leg. Factors such as the light conditions, how many other runners will be in near attendance, athlete style and mental approach all play a part as well as this year's terrain type and leg length and position in the relay.

The result is we see that every single leg in both Venla and Jukola is represented in the list of British runners in Scandinavian club teams. You may not be so surprised to learn which has most...

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The Annual Report of The Orienteering Foundation Charity for 2017 was published last month.

Most of the work of The Foundation involves small grants on a project-by-project basis to further the sport of orienteering in the UK, and these are discussed in the report.

The GB Senior Squad were extremely grateful to the Foundation for supporting the team by hosting an appeal to support World Champs participation. It was very generously supported by many people. The money raised was distributed to 15 of the 16 athletes who attended the 2017 Championships (Estonia).

We also raised, through MyDonate, £10,365 which was distributed to 15 athletes who were in the GB squad for the World Orienteering Cup competition.

The Orienteering Foundation has kindly agreed to a similar appeal in relation to this year's World Champs. This will launch next week.

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Sasha Photo: Sasha Chepelin, at the European Championships in Switzerland, May 2018.

On May 31st several team selections were published by British Orienteering.

The GB team for the World Championships in Latvia announcement was reported in our news item yesterday.

The teams for round 3 and round 4 of the 2018 World Cup. (World Cup Round 1 was the European Champs, World Cup Round 2 is the World Champs.)

The team for the World Universities Championships.

The team for Euromeeting in Denmark.

How do these fit with the 2018 international calendar and the twenty-four squad athletes?

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