British teams have been announced for senior internationals for the rest of the year. The announcements note the selections are made based on athlete availability (and the published selection policy.) 31 athletes feature.

To better understand the several announcements it may be helpful to review the calendar - from Scotland later this July, through to Scotland in July 2022. And to note that as athletes prioritise when to compete and how to make best use of their time and money many are tending to choose between forest and sprint. Which is not to say they completely exclude one for the other, nor to say that a competition's inherent qualities - a chance to visit somewhere new for example - are not a factor in which competitions they are available for.

World Ranking Events in Scotland are on 30th July and 2nd August, part of the big multiday festival, "Strathearn" Scottish 6-Days. The timing and terrain means they could be a good runout for World Champs runners - and Cat, Graham and Peter are entered.

There have been several team announcements by British Orienteering this week. We congratulate those selected.

The team for the World Champs (Norway, 13th-17th August).

The teams for World Cup Rounds 3 and 4 (Switzerland, September, and China, October).

The team for Euromeeting (Estonia, September).

Alternating Forest and Sprint Championships

Last year, 2018, there was an all-discipline World Championships - the last one before forest and sprint disciplines in alternate years. There was also an all-discipline European Championships - where Kris Jones won a medal.

This year, 2019, there is a forest only World Championships - that's in Norway next month. And no European Champs.

After the World Championships there are World Cup Rounds in Switzerland and China. Both include two sprint disciplines and a forest middle distance.

World Cup Round 3 - Switzerland - Bulletin-3.

World Cup Round 4 - China - Bulletin-2.

And there is Euromeeting, in Estonia - which is two forest middle distance races. The competition is followed by an official training camp for the 2020 European Champs.

Next year 2020, there is a sprint only World Champs, in Denmark , and a forest only European Champs, in Estonia.

In 2021 there will be a forest only World Champs, in the Czech Republic, and a sprint only European Champs, In Russia.

WOC2022logoAnd in 2022 the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) come to Scotland for the sprint disciplines

Already the WOC2022 website is established with some great pictures.

A forest "path" might therefore include:

  • Scottish 6-days World Ranking Events
  • 2019 World Champs
  • 2019 Euromeeting - Estonia
  • 2020 European Champs - Estonia
  • 2021 World Champs - Czech Republic

And a sprint "path" might include:

  • 2019 World Cup - Switzerland
  • 2019 World Cup - China
  • 2020 World Champs - Denmark
  • 2021 European Champs - Russia
  • 2022 World Champs Scotland