DR+HMDave Rollins and Heather Monro

There was no prizegiving for the the racing at Cold Ash today but there was a presentation by past members of the British team, represented by Heather Monro (ran at 8 x WOC, and a bronze medal in 2005) to former manager Dave Rollins who led many GB international trips.

The provisional results - today only (not the two days combined)

  1. Megan Carter-Davies
  2. Cecilie Andersen
  3. Lizzie Ingham
  1. Chris Smithard
  2. Will Gardner
  3. Peter Bray

Update 6am 22nd: Results: https://race-results.info/live/1662/

It was a really warm day by British standards, never mind British standards for April, we think 20 to 25 degrees, and with little breeze. A couple of the scheduled late starters in the men's race chose not to start (blame Kris's predictions with Peter Hodkinson choosing to protect a slight calf strain, and Jonny Crickmore having a cold.

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MeganMegan Carter-Davies on the run-in

ChrisChris Smithard on the run-in