SpiralStaircaseImage from World Champs Bulletin 4, "A spiral staircase within a building has been mapped as shown above. The stairs turn approx. 480 degrees and rise one storey. If approaching from below, the staircase is entered at the south east and rises in a clockwise direction, exiting to the north"

Well the Champs are upon us after all this time. Years of planning comes to fruition. Months of training are in the legs and the logs. Selection processes have been negotiated. Athletes and officials are gathering in Edinburgh. And on Friday we'll have the first race of what were originally the 2022 World Championships and are now the 2024 World Championships. And this time next week they'll be over.

If you're there and will spectate then great. If you're not and you're in the UK (or France or Germany) - you can watch them free of charge. And as usual the internet will carry live results.

WOC2024 Website

If you're going to be running in the City Centre you've probably studied the previous map and worked out where the pictured spiral staircase is?

The British Team

Team announcement on British Orienteering website.

There is plenty on the team published elsewhere, for example the British Orienteering website and Instagram feed, and the Souvenir Programme - information on this is on CompassSport Homepage.

Ten athletes form the British Team: a healthy mix of talent with three millenials and seven Gen-Z. Bad luck to those who just missed out. Good luck to those who made the team

Especial congratulations to Fiona Bunn, Freddie Carcas and Peter Molloy, running their first World Champs races (two Scots and the other living in Scotland!)

Individual Sprint - Friday July 12th

Women: Charlotte Ward, Megan Carter-Davies, Fiona Bunn, Grace Molloy. (Megan has a personal place for this race.)

Men: Ralph Street, Nathan Lawson, Peter Molloy.

Sprint Relay - Sunday July 14th

Grace Molloy, Freddie Carcas, Ralph Street, Megan Carter-Davies

Knockout - Tuesday July 16th

Women: Megan Carter-Davies, Cecilie Andersen, Grace Molloy.

Men: Ralph Street, Jonathan Crickmore, Nathan Lawson.

How to Watch

The finals of the individual races, and the entire sprint relay are live TV broadcasts, with running cameras, drones and English commentary.

Several national broadcasters make their own arrangements and add their own commentary.

As usual IOF Web-TV is available. It is 25 € for WOC 2024 - All races

Times below are UK.

Friday 12th - 3:30-6pm

Sunday 14th - 12:30–2pm

Tuesday 16th – 4pm-6pm.

Eurovision Sport - Free

Also, for the first time, it will be carried in the UK (and France and Germany) via Eurovision Sport - a website or app.

Registration is needed.

Test this by accessing highlights of the relay in Italy a month ago


There are 253 athletes entered. Nations are limted to three entries for each individual race, and there are also personal places for current World and European (and the other regions) champions. Nations may also enter one team in the Sprint Relay.

The individual race days have qualification heats early in the day. In the individual the fields are reduced to 45, in the knockout to 36. Most runners do not qualify for the televised finals. . Runners for all the teams.

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