startThisWayThe British Night Championships were held on Saturday evening in the woods at Hambleden, a shooting estate on the north bank of the Thames near Henley. The estate was the location for two days of the Easter JK festival in 2013 (the middle and the relay),and had not been used since.

The fast hilly woodland proved great for the Night Championships. Our thanks to hosts Thames Valley O.C. who did a very good job. There was quite a buzz in the crowded and warm marquee after the race as the final runners came in, and results were readied for the prizegiving. The organiser was John Dalton, planner was Neville Baker and controller Alan Rosen. Results were posted online through the evening.

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Club: Swansea Bay O.C. Overseas: Rajamäen Rykmentti

Ben has silver medals from British Long and British Night Championships. He ran for GB in Switzerland and China last year, World Cup Rounds 3 and 4. IOF Record

BenFinishing at Balmoral, 2018