Alasdair McLeod

Alasdair McLeod

Alasdair McLeod

British Long-Distance Champion 2019. JK Champion 2018.

On The Red Line Alasdair did not join the Squad for the 2020 season. The text below is from 2019.

I try to balance working as a safety engineer with doing as much training for orienteering as I can.

Alasdair Throughout my life I seem to have slowly moved south in the UK.

I started far up north in Scotland near Inverness, where I grew up. While there I picked up orienteering through my family and slowly got more interested in it, until by the time I was 16 it was the main sport I did. This did mean I had to let some other sports drop away. I used to love rugby, swimming, football and golf, but unfortunately you only have so much time at a weekend and orienteering proved just too enjoyable.

Moving to Edinburgh to study chemical engineering at university, I met lots of other orienteers and found an environment where there were good opportunities to train. During this time I managed to make it into two Junior World Championship teams and improved my orienteering technique and experience of international orienteering.

After 5 years in Edinburgh, I moved very slightly south to Glasgow to start my first job as an engineer. There I got into some good routines and was motivated to train well. My physical fitness improved and I made my first Senior World Championships team for a home championship in Scotland. This will be the highlight of my orienteering career, getting to race at the highest level in forest where I grew up.

After 4 years in Glasgow I made my most recent step south to Leeds where I am currently based. In the next few years I am hoping to continue to orienteer at an international level, with the aim of improving my results.

Clubs: Airienteers (Yorkshire & Humberside OA) and Lillomarka (Norway)

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