Megan Carter-Davies

Megan Carter-Davies

Megan Carter-Davies

My first club was the Mid-Wales OC which I joined aged 8 with Mum, who had tried orienteering in her university days. I grew up near Aberystwyth and became a member of the Welsh Junior Squad after a couple of years, and ran my first Junior Inter-Regionals and Junior Home Internationals aged 12.

Aged 15, I raced at European Youth Champs (EYOC) in Czech Republic and following that went to two more EYOCs as well as two JWOCs in my Junior years.

I graduated in Maths at Bristol University in summer 2018. I run for Mid-Wales and my overseas club, Rajämaen Rykmentti. As well as orienteering, I take part in fell and cross country races.


2017 British Middle Distance champion, 2018 British Night Champion.

2018 JK Sprint champion.

Clubs: Mid-Wales Orienteering Club (Welsh OA) and Rajamäen Rykmentti (Finland)

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