Grace Molloy

Grace Molloy

Grace Molloy

(Profile photo of Grace by Fred Härtelt at the World Champs 2021)

graceGrace Molloy, Sweden 2022, by Rob Lines.

Grace had her highest place in a World Cup race in May 2024 coming 14th in the Sprint in Olten, Switzerland.

With a first degree from Oxford, Grace spent 2022-2024 as a postgraduate at Michigan State University where she competed in cross-country and track. She did not do so much orienteering in that period.

Grace joined the squad in 2021, her first year as a senior. She was 12th in the Sprint and 25th in the Long at the World Champs in 2021. In 2022 she was 20th in the European Champs middle race in Estonia. She was 19th in the knockout sprint at the World Champs in DEnmark.

Junior World Championships 2019: Gold Medal in the Relay (last leg) and Bronze Medals in the Long and Sprint.

Grace won British titles at W14, W16, W18 and W20.

Personal Blog.

Clubs: Forth Valley. (Scottish OA), Oxford University O.C. and Kalevan Rasti (Finland.)

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