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Jessica training WOC

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On The Red Line editorial - Charlotte wrote about other team members making a trip to join her in Latvia and run the test races organised by WOC. Several of the nations who will win medals use these as selection races so they re high quality. Jess wrote this article on Friday morning before the Sprint Test. Yesterday was the Middle test race. Today Sunday is the long test. There are live results and GPS.

Training Trip Latvia

Some of the team have travelled to Latvia for a pre-camp to suss out the terrain and prepare for the World Championships in less than a month’s time. There’s no point being in your best shape if you don’t know the faster lines to run, the best ways to attack the controls or what constitutes a good route choice.

We have been very lucky and are very grateful to the Swedish and French teams for allowing us to join in with all their training. Simulating individual and relay races, as well as exercises for picking apart the techniques for navigating smoothly yet aggressively in this terrain.

We are now transitioning into a racing weekend.

These are selection races for many nations, but for us a really good chance to put our training into practise. After a big week of training, we’ll all be approaching these races slightly differently, but nevertheless are all looking forward to racing through the Latvian streets and forests.

Friday afternoon sprint: Peter and Megan in the line up.

Saturday middle distance: Peter, Hector and Ralph in the men’s race. Charlotte, Jo, Jess and Megan in the women’s.

Sunday long race: Hector in the men’s, Jo, Jess and Charlotte in the women’s.

Test Races Programme and Results

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