krisKris Jones at the finish, World Cup Sprint Race.

Kris Jones took the men's silver medal at the final day's racing of World Cup Round 3 in Laufen, Switzerland. It was a sprint race around the narrow streets and passageways of the Old Town. It was again a tremendously exciting day, brilliantly organised and planned with the courses having a lot of technicality.

The race was won by the Belgian Yanniock Michiels. Tove Alexandersson won the women's race.

RSofKrisphoto credit: Rémy Steinegger / EGK OL-WeltCup

Summary British Results

  • Women's Sprint 3.6km
  • A
  • (1. Tove Alexandersson, 14:18)
    1. Megan Carter-Davies 15:11
    1. Alice Leake 15:20
  • B (same course)
    1. Charlotte Ward 15:24
    1. Jo Shepherd 16:16
    1. Cecilie Andersen 16:50
    1. Sarah Jones 18:00
  • Men's Sprint 4.0km
  • A
  • (1. Yannick Michiels, 13:29)
    1. Kris Jones 13:31
    1. Peter Hodkinson 14:20
    1. Ralph Street 14:23
    1. Jonny Crickmore 15:00
  • dns Chris Smithard
  • B (same course)
    1. Alex Carcas 14:58

In the leader's chair

kjChair rsChair

On the course

ac jcj mcd ph cw rs

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