overhead Picture: Overhead shot of a GB Runner orienteering

Link to the "Get Up To Speed" Videos.

South London Orienteers have, with funding from Sport England, produced a series of eight short videos illustrating techniques used in orienteering. The videos are filmed in different locations and each is presented by a member of the GB Team. The aim of the series is to help juniors deal with more technically demanding courses, but these films can also be used to help newcomers to the sport. Each video focuses on a specific orienteering skill.

Videos are being released on Fridays (5 pm UK-time) in January and February.

The series trailer.

One video per week will be launched on South London Orienteers' YouTube channel each Friday at 5pm during January and February. They are designed to be downloaded to phones or tablets for easy reference and repetition. The video release is linked to races and coaching sessions taking place across the South East: watch a film, focus on a technique and have a successful run.

By the end of February, the whole series will be available.

South London Orienteers development officer, Sarah Brown, comments that is was great working with the athletes on these films; seeing them in action, learning how they meet technical challenges and hearing them talk about their experience of the sport.

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