TWG22teamGBRTeam GB, The World Games 2022: Cecilie Andersen, Ralph Street, Jonathan Crickmore and Charlotte Ward

Early Sunday morning 17th July, on the last day of The World Games, the GB Team won the bronze medals in the Sprint Relay.

The racing was in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. It was the third day of racing. On Friday it had been individual sprint and on Saturday a forest middle race. Both had been in hot and humid conditions. It was not quite as hot for the relay, but still many of the runners poured water over themselves before running.

There was free internet TV. Using that, with the kind permission of the IOF, we have made a five minute summary video of the race from a GB perspective.

After the race the GB team talked about the race.

vlcsnap-2022-07-17-18h14m08s330Cecilie Andersen, Ralph Street, Jonathan Crickmore, Charlotte Ward

SprintRelayMap Downtown Birmingham, with Railroad Park, the Birmingham Barons Baseball Stadium, Office and Industrial units

Official Results - The World Games Sprint Relay

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You wait years hoping for a GB relay medal, and then two come together.

GB also won silver in the Sprint Relay at the World Champs last month.

Particularly if you're relatively new to the sport, you may not realise how remarkable this year's medals are. GB had never won a medal before in a senior international Sprint Relay. Before these two competitions there had been eleven international sprint relays in the last five years (four were medal races). Sweden and Switzerland were in the top 3 in all eleven. GB never were.

At the World Champs Switzerland missed out, the same team won gold at the World Games. At the World Games Sweden missed out; three of that team had won the World Cup Round 1 relay earlier this year, and the fourth member won gold at the World Champs. Norway won medals in both competitions.

The next senior international sprint relay is October 2023, at the 2023 European Championships.

GB Team at the World Games - Results Summary

  • Team Result - Sprint Relay - 3rd (Bronze Medals)
  • Cecilie Andersen: Sprint -14th, Middle - 12th.
  • Ralph Street: Sprint - 8th, Middle - 29th.
  • Jonathan Crickmore: Sprint - 23rd, Middle - 22nd.
  • Charlotte Ward: Sprint - 17th, Middle - did not run.

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