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TioMilaLogo The TioMila relay, dreaming of which has helped sustain Scandinavian orienteers through their winter, has arrived. It takes place in Skåne, the southern tip of Sweden this weekend 27-28th April. (As in Britain it is forest fire that seems the main risk). As usual many British athletes are running for their Scandinavian clubs. We have made a summary of those who are in the top 100 teams - based on the team numbers i.e. finishing order from last year.

Do checkout the World-of-O All You Need to Know.

Last year two British runners, Jo Shepherd and Hollie Orr, were in the third-placed team in the Damkavlen, and Charlotte Watson was in the seventh placed Lillomarka team. Sasha Chepelin was in the 10th placed team in TioMila relay; as with Jo and Hollie it was Halden SK. Halden have the world numbers 3 (Sabine Hauswirth) and 4 (Marika Teini) in their Women's Team this year, neither ran for them last year - they might do well.

Articles from last year

Leg Lengths

Damkavlen: 7.3km 6.2km 9.8km(unforked) 4.2km 8.5km

It was similar last year, when a leading group of about 20 teams formed with an eight minute lead by the end of the unforked third leg. Tracking of last year's leg 3.

Tiomilakavlen: 12.2km 11.7km 5.9km 17.7 (long night unforked), 11.1km 10.2km 8.7km 11.9km 5.1km 13.8km

Just the long night is unforked this year, and as usual all teams contending for top positions will want to get their long night runner "on the train". The shortest leg is the ninth, but it is so near the end it is very important and so has World Champs medallists running it.


Lowest number is last year's winners #501 - Järla Orientering 1

  • Team #503 Halden look very strong.
  • And #531 Tampereen Pyrintö also look strong - certainly a lot better than their number.

  • Charlotte Watson - Leg 5 for #507 Lillomarka OL
  • Fiona Bunn - Leg 1 for #518 SNO
  • Grace Molloy - Leg 2 for #526 Kalevan Rasti
  • Jess Halliday - Leg 1 for #535 Domnarvets GOIF
  • Cat Taylor - Leg 2 for #536 OK Södertörn
  • Megan Carter-Davies - Leg 5 for #538 Rajamäen Rykmentti
  • Cecilie Andersen - Leg 5 for IFK Lidingö 3
  • Jo Shepherd - Leg 3 for Halden SK 2
  • Fay Walsh - Leg 1 for #563 OK Linné 2


Five Brits on leg 1 for stronger teams - but no Kris Jones this year.

  • Lowest number team is last year's winners #1 - IFK Göteborg Orientering 1

  • Team #5 Kalevan Rasti have Graham Gristwood on leg 7
  • Team #9 TuMe have Scott Fraser on leg 8
  • Team #13 Tyrving (tipped by some) have Duncan Coombs on leg 4
  • Team #18 Lidingö have Will Gardner on 1, Hector Haines on 2 and Zac Hudd on 9
  • Team #21 OK Pan-Kristianstad have Chris Smithard on leg 4
  • Team #27 OK Ravinen have Jonny Crickmore on leg 1
  • Team #30 Savedalens have Harrison McCartney on leg 6
  • Team #31 Lillomarka have Peter Hodkinson on 1, Ali McLeod on 4 and Joe Woodley on 8
  • Team #40 Espoon Suunta have Josh Beech on leg 3
  • Team #51 TuMe 2 have Matt Fellbaum on leg 5
  • Team #61 Bækkelagets SK have Matt Speake on 2 and Ralph Street on 10
  • Team #71 Lidingö 2 have Nathan Lawson on leg 1
  • Team #76 Tyrving 2 have Murray Strain on leg 1
  • Team #88 OK Ravinen 2 have Nick Barrable on 6 and Richard Robinson on 10

update (during race)

  • team #158 Rajamäen Rykmentti have Ben Mitchell on leg 5

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