mulgraveWoods_mapclip2024Map Extract, British Long Champs 2024, from Routegadget

The British Long Orienteering Championships were held in Mulgrave Woods near Whitby on April 13th. The British relays were held the following day at Hutton Mulgrave and Skelder Woods. Thanks to the clubs of the North-East Association, with coordinator Duncan Archer. The Long Championships key players were: Caroline & Alastair Mackenzie (Cleveland), Chris Mackenzie (Cleveland), Keith Tonkin (Borderliners), Ted Finch (Forth Valley). Key players for the relays were: Boris Spence (Northern Navigators), Francis Shillitoe (Newcastle & Tyneside), Graham Nilsen (Deeside).

The Briish Individual Champions 2024 are Will Gardner and Fiona Bunn.

The British Relay Champions 2024 are Forth Valley (mens) and Edinburgh University (Womens).

British Long Championships

BritishLongPodium2024_WCThe British Long Podium 2024 with BOF President Steve Cram, photo: Wendy Carlyle


  1. Fiona Bunn (Edinburgh University) 101:16
  2. Chloe Potter (South Yorkshire) 106:04
  3. Lucy Walker (Devon) 111:51
  4. Helen Bridle (Edinburgh Southern) 116:13
  5. Eilidh Campbell (Edinburgh University) 117:14
  6. Alison O'Neil (Edinburgh Southern) 117:42

fiona-bunn-BritishLong24_WCFiona Bunn, British Champion at Long Distance 2024, photo: Wendy Carlyle


  1. Will Gardner (Octavian Droobers) 101:14
  2. Peter Taylor-Brya (Southern Navigators) 101:25
  3. Luke Fisher (Interlopers) 102:04
  4. Nathan Lawson (Octavian Droobers) 104:20
  5. Alex Wetherill (Edinburgh University) 105:56
  6. Philip Vokes (Octavian Droobers) 107:09

will-gardner-BritishLong24_WCWill Gardner, British Long CHampion 2024, photo: Wendy Carlyle

British Relays

Women's Open

  1. Edinburgh University (Rachel Brown, Isobel Howard, Fiona Bunn) 116:13
  2. South Yorkshire (Imogen Pieters, Chloe Potter, Laura Robertson) 119:12
  3. Interlopers (Pippa Carcas, Louise Adams, Mairi Eades) 130:44

BritishRelays2024_WomenPodiumWomen's Relay Podium, photo: Wendy Carlyle

Men's Open

  1. Forth Valley (Chris Smithard, Graham Gristwood, James Hammond) 96:20
  2. Octavian Droobers (Philip Vokes, William Gardner, Nathan Lawson) 99:42
  3. Edinburgh University (Jim Bailey, Euan Tryner, Thomas Laraia) 101:34

BritishRelays2024_MenPodiumMen's Relay Podium, photo: Wendy Carlyle

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