luke-fisher_JK2024_otrlLuke Fisher on the run-in of Day 2 at JK2024,

The JK this Easter had sprint, middle, long and relay and the wins were spread around. Luke Fisher and Cecilie Andersen took the overall wins, Peter Hodkinson and Laura Robertson the sprint honours, and Forth Valley and South Yorkshire the relays. It was a well-organised successful weekend. Thanks to the Midlands clubs.

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James Hammond of Forth Valley won M18 at the sprint, overall in the forest, and was in the winning JK Premier Relay team. Laura Roberston won the W21E sprint and was in the winning JK Women's Premier team.


On Good Friday the sprint orienteering race was held at Loughborough University.


Winsplits - M21E course 1, W21E course 2.

JK24_Prizes_sprint_WCThe Sprint Podium: L-R Nathan Lawson, Fiona Bunn, Peter Hodkinson, Laura Robertson, Freddie Carcas, Charlotte Ward, photo: Wendy Carlyle.

peter-hodkinson-jk2024sprint_RLPeter Hodkinson on his way to the sprint win, photo: Rob Lines

james-hammond-jk2024sprint_RLJames Hammond on his way to the M18E sprint win, photo:Rob Lines

Forest Individual

The Saturday middle and Sunday long races were from the same arena on Cannock Chase.

The overall JK trophies are awarded based on cumulative times of the two individual races. The scoring is usually dominated by the long, and that was very much the case this year as the W21E middle race was voided and the M21E middle race truncated to about half-length. The decision for the M21E middle to declare results after eliminating all splits from a misplaced control to the expected end of the course was not without controversy of course, and it was later discussed by events and competition committee.

Winsplits - JK Day 2

Winsplits - JK Day 3

In the men's competition Luke Fisher, 12th in the middle, had a very good run in the long to take the overall win, with Chris Smithard (6th in the middle) his closest challenger 1:18 behind, and Simon Harden (2nd in the middle) at 2:13.

JK24_podium_ScotO-FBJK24 Overall (forest individual) Podium, photo: Scottish Orienteering Facebook

In the women's competition Cecilie Andersen was 1:49 clear of Lucy Walker with Niamh Hunter just behind her at 1:58.

cecilie-andersen-megan-carter-davies-mark-saunders_JK2024Two GB internationals with a former coach: Cecilie Andersen just ahead of Megan Carter-Davies and Bristol OK's Mark Saunders

Jonny Crickmore won the men's middle race: he did not run on Sunday.

JK24_JonnyCrickmore_middle_WCJonny Crickmore, photo: Wendy Carlyle

Simon_Harden_JK2024_otrlSimon Harden

fiona-bunn-JK2024_RLFiona Bunn ran well in the voided W21E race, photo: Rob Lines


The relays were held on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire.

Relay results

JK Premier

The first four teams were from Scotland.

  1. 89:20 Forth Valley (Chris Smithard, James Hammond, Peter Molloy)
  2. 89:32 Interlopers (Freddie Carcas, Luke Fisher, Peter Hodkinson)
  3. 89:37 Interlopers (Eddie Narbett, James Ackland, Sasha Chepelin)
  4. 89:49 Edinburgh University (David Bunn, Boyan Ivandjikov, Euan Tryner)
  5. 92:44 Octavian Droobers (Philip Vokes, Will Gardner, Nathan Lawson)
  6. 93:09 Edinburgh University (Jim Bailey, Matthew Gooch, Alex Wetherill)

JK Women's Premier

Two teams were well ahead. In the top six there were two teams from each of three clubs. There were no teams from south of Sheffield in the race.

  1. 88:57 South Yorkshire (Chloe Potter, Laura Robertson, Cat Taylor)
  2. 89:38 Edinburgh University (Niamh Hunter, Isobel Howard, Fiona Bunn)
  3. 99:07 South Yorkshire (Imogen Pieters, Laura Goy, Miia Roller)
  4. 103:20 Interlopers (Pippa Carcas, Aoife McCavana, Mairi Eades)
  5. 106:34 Edinburgh University (Ellie Bales, Fiona Eades, Lizzie Stansfield)
  6. 107:00 Interlopers (Jura MacMillan, Roanne Lilley, Louise Adams)

JK2024_RelayArenaThe relay arena, photo: Wendy Carlyle

FVO_JK2024relayWinners_RLThe Forth Valley winning team: L-R Chris Smithard, Peter Molloy, James Hammond, photo: Rob Lines

SYO_JK2024relayWinners_RLThe South Yorkshire winning team: L-R Cat Taylor, Chloe Potter, Laura Robertson, photo: Rob Lines.

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