The World Cup Round 2 at Idre Fjäll in Sweden has races on Thursday 12th (long), Saturday 14th (middle) and Sunday 15th August (forest relay.) For all races the terrain is mainly high runnability and high visibility pine forest at 600m-900m, with plenty of contours and marsh, and little else.

Britain is sending a full team of 14 athletes. Six men and six women can run each individual race, and there will be two GB teams in each relay.

All races have internet TV coverage with English commentary.

World Cup Round 2 Bulletin-4.

Many of the British athletes ran in the recent World Championships in Czechia. Some ran the recent World Ranking Event at Day 5 of the Scottish 6-Days last week: Laura King and Grace Molloy were 1-2 in the women's and Ben Mitchell was second in the mens..

Results - World Ranking Event Creag Dhubh, 1st August.

Alastair Thomas, Nathan Lawson and Grace Molloy made their senior debuts at the World Champs. It's World Cup debuts for them and for Joshua Dudley, Fiona Bunn and Laura King. Laura was profiled on the Edinburgh University OC website last year.

Long Race Thursday 12th August

These are full length races, with estimated winning times of 100 minutes (men) and 80 minutes (women). The women have 12.8km with 400m of climb, the men 17.2km with 570m of climb.

The first starts are before 9am UK-time, the final ones at 12:50 (women) and 2:30pm (men).

TV broadcast: 12noon - 4:30pm UK-time.

Middle Race Saturday 14th August

The estimated winning times are 35 minutes for both men and women. The women have 5.4km with 250m of climb, the men 6.1km with 290m of climb.

The first starts are just after 11am UK-time (men) and after 1pm (women), last start men 3:45pm, women 5.05pm..

TV broadcast: 2pm - 6pm UK-time.

Relays Sunday 15th August

Teams of three. Both mens and womens have first two legs winning time 34 minutes, last leg 38 minutes.

The mens start is 12:07, the womens at 2.02pm.

TV broadcast: 12noon - 4pm UK-time.

One more British runner involved: David Rosen is on the 3-person jury.

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