JK2022_IndividualPodium_smThe JK2022 Individual Podium

The JK Champions for 2022 are Megan Carter-Davies and Sasha Chepelin.

The JK Relays were won by Swansea Bay (Women) and Octavian Droobers (Men), both for the first time.

The JK Sprints were won by Alice Leake and Sasha Chepelin

The JK Weekend

Every Easter for the last 50 years, except not in 2001 (Foot & Mouth), 2020 or 2021 (COVID), British Orienteering has had a big festival of orienteering called the “JK”. It moves round the regional associations. This year the small Welsh Association did a terrific job of hosting in South Wales. And the weather was ideal.

On Good Friday there were sprint races at Swansea University. On Holy Saturday there were middle distance races at Clydach Terrace. On Easter Sunday there were long distance races at Pwll Du. And on Easter Monday there were relays at the Caerwent Military Training Area. The elite races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all World Ranking Events (WRE) and selection races for the GB international team.

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Caerwent_mapclipPart of the Caerwent map


JKWomensRelaySBOC_winners_sm_RLSwansea Bay won the JK Women's Premier Relay, photo: Rob Lines

  1. Swansea Bay OC (Katie Reynolds, Kitty Robinson, Megan Carter-Davies)
  2. Edinburgh University (Fiona Bunn, Niamh Hunter, Laura King)
  3. Nydalens SK (Norway) (Siri Ulvestad, Roisin Long, Lone Karin Brochmann)
  4. Edinburgh University (Mairi Eades, Helen Ockenden, Eilidh Campbell)
  5. Lakeland OC (Laura Brown, Heather Heppenstall, Anne Edwards)
  6. Bristol OK (Chloe Potter, Lucy Tonge, Cecilie Andersen)



JKTrophyRelayOD-Winners_sm_RLOctavian Droobers won the JK Trophy Relay, photo:Rob Lines

  1. Octavian Droobers (Nathan Lawson, Matt Elkington, Will Gardner)
  2. Forth Valley (Peter Molloy, Chris Smithard, Graham Gristwood)
  3. Edinburgh University (Peter Hodkinson, Alasdair Pedley, Alastair Thomas)
  4. Interlopers (James Ackland, Alex Carcas, Sasha Chepelin)
  5. Edinburgh University (David Bunn, Jim Bailey, Daniel Spencer)
  6. Manchester & District (Peter Taylor-Bray, Oliver Williams, Jonny Malley)



The individual competition is decided on the combined times for middle and long distance races.

Clydach_mapclipPart of the Middle Distance map, Clydach Terrace

PwllDu_mapclipPart of the Long Distance map, Pwll Du


  1. Megan Carter-Davies, Swansea Bay OC
  2. Grace Molloy, Forth Valley
  3. Alice Leake, Airienteers
  4. Fiona Bunn, Edinburgh University
  5. Laura King, Edinburgh University
  6. Cecilie Andersen, Bristol OK

megan-carter-davies_JK2022LongMegan Carter-Davies, near a water point in the long race


  1. Sasha Chepelin, Interlopers
  2. Will Gardner, Octavian Droobers
  3. Peter Taylor-Bray, Manchester & District
  4. Hector Haines, Auld Reekie OS
  5. Joshua Dudley, Mar OC
  6. Matt Elkington, Octavian Droobers

sasha-chepelin-JK2022_WCSasha Chepelin, at the last control in the middle distance, photo: Wendy Carlyle


Course 2 (W21E/W20E/W18E)

  1. Alice Leake, Airienteers
  2. Cecilie Andersen, Bristol OK
  3. Katja Brütsch, OLG Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
  4. Laura Robertson, South Yorkshire (New Zealand)
  5. Fiona Bunn, Edinburgh University
  6. Rachel Brown, Edinburgh University

alice-leake_JK2022sprint_smAlice Leake at the spectator control

fiona-bunn-JK2022Sprint_2_WCFiona Bunn on the run-in, photo:Wendy Carlyle

laura-king-JK2022Sprint_2_WCLaura King on the run-in, photo:Wendy Carlyle

Course 1 (M21E/M20E/M18E)

  1. Sasha Chepelin, Edinburgh University
  2. Will Gardner, Octavian Droobers
  3. Nathan Lawson, Octavian Droobers
  4. Flurry Grierson, Devon OC
  5. Peter Molloy, Forth Valley
  6. Jonny Crickmore, South Yorkshire

sasha-chepelin_JK2022_smSasha Chepelin at the spectator control

nathan-lawson-JK2022Sprint_2_WCNathan Lawson on the run-in, photo:Wendy Carlyle

peter-bray-JK2022SprintPeter Taylor-Bray at the spectator control

Competition Officials


  • Organiser: Niall Reynolds (SBOC)
  • Planner: Ben Mitchell and Megan Carter Davies (SBOC)
  • Controller, IOF Advisor: Simon Thompson (HOC)

Squad members Ben Mitchell and Megan Carter-Davies planned the sprint. Ben also prepared the map for the middle distance.



  • Organisers: Joe Parkinson, Pat Macleod, Andy Creber (NGOC)
  • Planner: Richard Cronin (NGOC)
  • Controller, IOF Advisor: Mike Forrest (BOK)


  • Organiser: Anne May/ Lawrence Snowden/ Andrew Firth (SWOC)
  • Planner: Pete Ribbans/ Kevin Bush/ Jane Bush (SWOC)
  • Controller: Mark Dyer (BOK)
  • IOF Advisor: Steve McKinley (SN)


  • Organiser: Charles Daniel (BOK) and Chris Huthwaite (BAOC)
  • Planner: Tommi Grover (BOK)/ Dan Weaver (UBOC)
  • Controller: Alan Rosen (HH)

JK2022RelayStart-WCJK Trophy Start, photo:Wendy Carlyle

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