PeterPeter Bray, shortly after the race

It was "phew what a scorcher" conditions for the runners tackling the first World Cup Race of 2019, a middle distance at Tervalampi in Finland's Nuuksio National Park. It was 90 seconds start intervals, and a typically well-mapped Finnish forest, with plenty of boulders and contour detail.

World of O Briefing on World Cup Round 1

The highest placed British runners were Megan Carter-Davies 29th in the women's and Ralph Street 24th in the men's.

MeganMegan on the run-in

Map_PicPart of the Tervalampi Map

Well-known names took the wins: Tove Alexandersson of Sweden in the morning's women's race, and Gustav Bergman, also of Sweden, in the afternoon men's race. They both had a big margin for a middle race - and nearly all the world's top runners were competing.

Women's Race GPS

Men's Race GPS

inForestLimited Visibility in the Forest - Karolin Ohlsson (4th) leads Marianne Andersen (12th) to a control on a boulder - Photo by IOF/Malin Fuhr

The situation is nicely setup for tomorrow's chasing start long race: a sole leader being chased by some of the top runners, with big groups including British runners just a little further back.

SashaSasha Chepelin

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