SashaSasha Chepelin at the arena passage

Today was the chasing start longish races at World Cup Round 1 in Finland's Nuuksio National Park. ("Longish" rather than "long" as the official description was just "chase" and "long" has specific meanings which do not exactly match the situation.)

Both of yesterday's winners Tove Alexandersson and Gustav Bergman held off their chasing runners.

The highest placed British runners were Cat Taylor and Will Gardner. The race is Will's best ever world ranking points score.

World of O Report, Results and Analysis

It was an arena start for both races. The leaders were out on their own, but for many/most of the runners there was a good chance of running in a group, if you wanted and were fast enough.

The women's course was 8.9km with 335m of climb. It began with a very long route choice first leg, followed by a Φ loop. It then turned back towards the arena, with another long route choice leg as part of that, an arena passage, and a short 3-control final loop on the other side of the arena.

Women's Race GPS - Megan and Cat were tracked runners

The men's race was 13.4km with 510m of climb. It began with a slightly shorter but still long route choice first leg, followed by a 3-way split into a Φ/butterfly at the women's first control. It then went further and immediately after a map exchange runners faced another very long route choice leg back towards the arena.

Men's Race GPS - Ralph and Hector were tracked runners.

Some post-race thoughts from Charlotte and Hector...

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