ralph Photo: Ralph Street, on the runthrough, WOC Middle 7th August 2018, by On The Red Line.

World Of O's Preview

Neither of the GB teams are amongst the favourites, but both have the status of outsiders who can do well on a good day.


Live results

Women's Relay

This starts at 12:20 UK-time.

Switzerland, Sweden and Russia are rated the strongest teams. Behind them Finland and Norway are the next most likely medallists. And behind them: Latvia - the women's relay rates to be the home country's best result of the week, Czech Republic and Great Britain. A year ago GB were seventh - can they improve on that this year?

The GB team is Jo Shepherd, Megan Carter-Davies and Cat Taylor.

Jo Megan Cat

Men's Relay

This starts at 2:20 UK-time.

It is expected to be a battle between the Norwegians, the defending champions, and Switzerland, second, third, and fourth on Tuesday.   That was written whilst Olav Lundanes, the world No 1, was in the team, and late news is that instead, Tuesday's gold medallist Eskil Kinneberg will run leg 2, and Gaute Hallen Steiwer starts. Sweden and France are the teams most likely to take the third medal, with GB in the "outsiders" group which also includes the Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine.

The GB Team is the same as ran at the European Championships, with the running order altered.


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