Peter Image: Peter Hodkinson at Falkland (credit @UKEliteOLeague)

It was the Scottish Spring with middle, sprint and long races. Middle and Sprint on Saturday, long on Sunday. Who knows who was trying how hard the weekend before the JK (and two weeks before TioMila), but it was top races with strong fields. All three races were counting as the third weekend of the UK Elite League 2019 - just the JK and British (Long) to go now in that competition.

The league tables have been updated.


Thanks to Graham Gristwood, weekend co-ordinator.


Held on Tentsmuir. Planned by Kris Jones and Peter Hodkinson. Organised by Chris Smithard.


  1. Graham Gristwood 23:39
  2. Jonny Crickmore 24:02
  3. Alex Carcas 24:09


  1. Megan Keith 24:49
  2. Cecilie Andersen 25:47
  3. Sarah Jones 26:11

Alex Carcas Blog

Tentsmuir Map

Tentsmuir(credit @UKEliteOLeague)


Held at Falkland Palace and Gardens. Planned by Andy Paterson. Organised by Bill Stevenson.


  1. Jonny Crickmore 15:22
  2. Alasdair McLeod 15:27
  3. Peter Hodkinson 15:39


  1. Laura Robertson 17:37
  2. Sarah Jones 17:46
  3. Fanni Gyurko 18:19

Sprint Maps


Held on Falkland Estate. Planned by Dave Godfree. Organised by Max Carcas.

It's worth checking full results, as several top runners opted for a shorter courses than their UK League one.


  1. Scott Fraser 67:23
  2. Alasdair McLeod 67:54
  3. Thomas Wilson 74:14


  1. Sarah Jones 75:27
  2. Fay Walsh 79:02
  3. Claire Ward 81:21

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