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The final 2018 round of the World Cup - the last outing for the GB team this season - is this weekend in the Czech Republic. This item will be updated with news as the races happen.

  • Thursday 4th: Knockout Sprint (Prague)
  • Friday 5th: Sprint Relay (Prague) - starting 14:30 UK-time
  • Saturday 6th: Middle Distance Race (Turnov – Valdštejn)
  • Sunday 7th: Sprint (Mladá Boleslav)

Live Services - with a new TV service provider.

  • Thursday TV starts at 14:10 UK-time.
  • Friday TV starts at 14:15 UK-time.
  • Saturday TV starts at 10:30 UK-time.
  • Sunday TV starts at 9:00 Uk-time.

World Cup Round 4 2018 Bulletin-4.

Alice Photo by IOF/Malin Fuhr

Knockout Sprint

There were 11 GB entries. There were three men's heats and three women's heats. The top 12 in each went through to the knockout stages, which begin with six quarter-finals.

Qualification Races Results

Alice Leake, Cat Taylor and Peter Hodkinson got through, but were all were eliminated in the quarter-finals. Jonny Crickmore, Matt Fellbaum, Sasha Chepelin, Alex Carcas, Jamie Parkinson (missed by 5 seconds), Kirstin Maxwell, Charlotte Ward and Jo Shepherd did not qualify for the knockout stage.

Results - Knockout Sprint Final

The Knockout Sprint used runner's choice in the quarters and semis, and phi-loops in the final. The winners were Judith Wyder and Vojtech Kral.

Cat's Blog about the day, including excitement with GPS

Sprint Relay

GB had three teams in the race.

Sprint Relay Results

The Sprint Relay was won by Switzerland 44 seconds ahead of Sweden with the Czechs third at +1:05. The first GB team was 18th (10th nation) at +4:40, and the second 23rd at +5:57.

    1. Alice Leake / Jonny Crickmore / Sasha Chepelin / Cat Taylor
    1. Jo Shepherd / Matt Fellbaum / Jamie Parkinson / Charlotte Ward
    1. Kirstin Maxwell / Alex Carcas / Charlotte Watson / Sarah Jones

The result meant GB were 10th in the 2018 Team World Cup Final Results.

Middle Distance

There were nine GB runners in the Middle Distance Start List

Middle Distance Results.

It was first World Cup wins for Karolin Ohlsson and Milos Nykodym.

GB Results.

Final Sprint

The top 40 (of those present) in each of the men's and women's World Cup tables so far, took places in the "A" races of this finale for the 2018 season.

Sprint Results

The men's 1-2-3 was Jonas Leandersson, Yannick Michiels and Matthias Kyburz. Matthias's run secured the World Cup - his fifth win.

The women's 1-2-3 was Tove Alexandersson, Maija Sianoja, Judith Wyder. Tove was winning her fifth consecuitive World Cup.

The British runner in the men's "A" race was Peter Hodkinson - he was 30th. There were two British runners in the Women's "A" race: Cat Taylor was 33rd, and Alice Leake mispunched (in good company.)

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