Charlotte Photo: by Steve Rush

Charlotte Ward won the World Ranking (WRE) Sprint in Antwerp yesterday, with the field including athletes from several nations preparing for the World Championships. Teresa Janosikova (CZE) was second and Sigrid Alexandersen (NOR) third.

Megan Carter-Davies was fifth, and Kirstin Maxwell ninth.

The men's race was won by Frederic Tranchand (FRA) with Tim Robertson (NZL) second, Yannick Michiels (BEL) third, and Chris Smithard fourth. Dane Blomquist was ninth and Peter Hodkinson 13th.

Antwerp WRE Sprint - Results.

World Ranking Event Points.

Kirstin tweeted a presentation picture of the three British women senior squad athletes mentioned above, with the Edinburgh-based New Zealander Laura Robertson (who was eighth).


There was a second sprint race on Saturday and a longer urban "City" Race today, Sunday.

Charlotte was sixth in the second sprint (Megan was second) and won the City Race (Megan was third) for an overall result of second, two seconds behind Galina Vinogradova of Russia - 69:24 vs 69:22. Megan was third. And Chris was fourth in the men's, with the same four athletes taking the top four spots in all the races, and Tim Robertson taking the overall win by three seconds from Frederic Tranchand.

Antwerp Sprint Weekend Overall Results.

Across all the age classes there were over a hundred British runners.

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