CW Photo: Charlotte Ward near the finish of Sunday's EOC Sprint Final.

The European Sprint Relay Championship Race is at 4pm UK time on Thursday 10th May. There are 21 teams entered. It is live on the internet with English commentary, or for those with less time or money there are online results.

The racing is in the scenic villages area of Capriasca in the Italian speaking Ticino canton of Switzerland. And it will be Ticenese Elena Roos running the last leg for Switzerland - that could mean enough crowd noise to be heard in a neighbouring country.

The GB team will wear 7 as that was their position last time round, and they have a good chance of making the podium. The team is Charlotte Ward, Peter Hodkinson, Kris Jones and Alice Leake. Profiles of the team follow....

For a full description of the European Champs and many useful links see World of O's All You Need to Know.

For startlists and results see EOC2018 Live.

The strongest Sprint Relay teams are generally reckoned to be Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Russia. But it is a sprint relay in orienteering and teams do have things go wrong. (One such thing two years ago is why Sweden are wearing number 15 this year.)

Things may already have happened on that front as the individual sprint champion from Sunday Tove Alexandersson is down to run leg 1 for Sweden, but she hopped off from yesterday's flower ceremony for the middle distance race with a twisted ankle. Sweden have not been so lucky with injuries at these championships.


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