AL Photo: Alice Leake passes the coaches area near the finish of today's EOC Sprint Relay.

Home team Switzerland won the European Sprint Relay Championship Race today Thursday 10th May. They were a comfortable minute ahead of second-placed Sweden, who in turn were a comfortably two minutes ahead of a tight finish for the bronze medal which included Alice Leake anchoring TeamGB.

Charlotte Ward, Peter Hodkinson and Kris Jones had given Alice a 25 second start for the last leg ahead of a group of four other teams. But three of the teams caught her.

This race within a race was decided by speed round the last loop. It was won by Andrine Benjaminsen of Norway (well-known to the Lillomarka group within the British squad), and GB were sixth. Alice doesn't remember the last loop. So a very well-earned place on the podium for the team, and very close to a medal.

GB were ahead of the fancied Danish and Russian teams. It was a good day out.

The racing was from an arena in the centre of the scenic village of Tesserete in Capriasca, and courses involved a lot of climb on a hillside scross from the arena. There was a large holiday crowd and many many Swiss flags being waved.. The runners could be glimpsed in between buildings from time to time, and with cameras in the terrain, a large screen, a Per Forsberg commentary, and the home team running so well, it all got pretty noisy.

Katherine Bett talks with the team after the race


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Photos of start and finish: © European Orienteering Championships - Rémy Steinegger.

Other photos by On The Red Line







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